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What keeps a senior developer awake?

2022. June 9. - 2022. June 9.

University of Obuda, 18.00

What keeps a senior developer awake?

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Cleancode Java Microservices Scala

Comparing Scala’s functional language elements to Java

Balázs Torma

2022. May 16.

Having used Scala in the earlier part of my career, I grew partial to all the features it provided that helped make my code more concise, and still much less prone to errors than with the other languages that I have used up to that point. A big part of its allure for me was how elegantly it managed to combine object-oriented and functional programming paradigms. It also provided me with a smooth transition from Haskell back into a less academic world.

Blog articles
Flutter Microservices Mobil Mobil development REST Api

Useful Flutter packages

Janos Dobszai

2022. June 20.

Flutter is designed to develop cross-platform applications. Its primary focus is to make user interface (UI) implementation as intuitive as building LEGO.

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