Application development

UpScale’s experts undertake various types and volumes of development projects, but what we excel at is the development of applications.

We invest time and pay careful attention throughout the course of each project, starting from fully understanding our clients’ needs and expectations moving on to deploying the finished app.

Our forte is rolling our platform-independent solutions for Java environments, incorporating virtual machines and providing flexibility and efficiency.

For developing, and then delivering our codes, the UpScale team utilizes an overall CI/CD process, constantly integrating and improving smaller units into the project we’re building. By working as a DevOps team we not only execute developments but also offer close-focus tech support to our clients.

For designing and developing, we follow the Scrum methodology, enabling us to maximise our efficiency and make deadlines inspire us rather than obstruct.

And by offering a rigorous QA process we achieve a level of quality that not only meets our client’s expectation but surpasses it.

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Microservices and containerisation

At Upscale, we dedicate tremendous focus and attention on microservices.

Our colleagues prefer to think about the larger picture of software development projects, and consider microservices as linchpins of the outstanding constructs we strive to build. The approach we adopted allows us to build lightweight, fast and practical software modules which all collaborate to make the end product a truly functional and advantageous solution.

As, in work, we prioritize speed, accessibility and reliability throughout the project and beyond it, we use containerisation to establish virtualized instances where the software we build can be stored and run within its own operating system on any machine, needing no special configuration.

The software modules we build can be developed and installed independently of each other, which leads to better efficiency as no system downtime is required for making changes.

To safely and securely deploy software, we pre-configure their containerized images.

And to make our products ready to handle any dimension of requirements, we consider scalability from the beginning of development. This prepares our softwares to work at their best performance under any magnitude of demand.

Finally, we treat monitorability as key: knowing our works’ performance and results allows us to quickly make improvements if needed, and keeps us on a continuous learning path towards creating ever better products.

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System integration and consulting

Our expertise isn’t limited to building new software from the ground up.

Through the course of previous successful projects, UpScale’s staff devised strategies for taking our clients’ existing software and systems and rebuilding them in accordance with present-day market expectations to be compatible with modern standards.

This is especially true for banking processes, whose existing system architectures were made with tremendous effort. By keeping these systems and modifying them to live up to modern-day challenges, we save considerable amounts of developing time for our clients, and thereby reduce the overall budget for the project as well.

With our experiences in proprietary developments for internet banking software, we are ready to offer insightful consulting to our clients at any phase of their renewal, redesign or development processes.

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Technologies we work with


We like thinking about big things in small terms. With the Microservices approach, UpScale’s experts consider development projects as a network of services, investing great attention to keeping each one lightweight and highly functional.

Following this approach, we achieve modularity which provides easier developing and testing and allows us to build truly resilient architectures. Working together as a whole with the CD/CI approach, the delivery and deployment of tasks happens with better speed and higher efficiency.

In order to create something truly functional, we think in small but perfect details.

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In order to be swift and efficient, we use Docker. Docker is a container technology that cuts out unnecessary roundabouts in software development. By smartly containing project source files as images, we eliminate version confusion otherwise prevalent between the coding, production and testing phases.

Less time loss means better focus and quicker results.

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In order to be neat and organized, we use Kubernetes. As a clever companion to Docker, we employ this container system to use and manage container images smartly. By carefully orchestrating various container projects, we make them work in harmony, cutting out frustrating and costly malfunctions, lag or unavailability of servers.

Fewer malfunctions convert to swifter coding and efficient work.

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Having mastered this fundamental programming language, Upscale can create applications that need to be written once but can be run anywhere. By employing Java based solutions, we can utilize virtual machines totally independent of their host environments and thus achieve more flexibility within our all our development work.

Using true and tested technologies amounts to reliability.

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In order to cover all angles of a development project, we use SCALA. This programming language is an excellent complementary for JAVA, and using them together results in a robust arsenal of coding possibilities. Its functional nature allows previous JAVA projects to be easily translated into SCALA code; scalable language for simplifying development.

Simpler development simply converts into more efficiency.

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We make our products better by using smart accessories. AKKA is a toolkit designed to simplify various applications of the JAVA Virtual Machines. By using the toolkit, we can speed up computational processes: instead of performing them sequentially, we can run them concurrently, thereby precious time can be saved and re-allocated to other tasks such as rigorous testing.

Less time spent better is mutually beneficial for us and our clients as well.

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In order to accelerate development projects, we also employ Apache’s KAFKA. This stream-processing platform allows the simultaneous conduct and execution of computations and enables task parallelism, through which we can achieve high-performance computing. With its direct connectivity to JAVA systems, development can be done at higher speeds.

A product working faster while retaining quality leads us to success.

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Reactive Platform

We aim to build forward. By using Reactive Platform, Upscale can rejuvenate existing applications or build new ones that consider and harness advances in cloud computing and distributed architectures. This solution is based on JAVA’s virtual machine technology and allows us to orchestrate reactive services and high-speed data applications, as well as the option to integrate other advanced tools for faster work and easier handling of large volumes of data.

Using clever building blocs makes our developments truly smart.

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In order to confidently handle massive amounts of data, even if it is unstructured, we use Cassandra. It’s a smart choice for cases, where fast scaling due to gigantic amounts of data is essential. With Cassandra, we can organize data into columns and rows whose structure and content can be changed while the database is running, and downtime is never needed, unlike in widely used traditional RDBMS systems.

Handling huge data not just well bust fast is a trump card in our company’s hands.

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We believe in continuous development. In order to be able to add or change systems during their uptime, we use Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. With this approach, making code changes in existing architectures more frequently and with good reliability becomes possible, be it problem fixes, or adding new functions or modifications. We at UpScale integrate changes without causing total system downtime.

Your services can keep running while we make improvements.

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We work in development, but we also understand business. To make sure that align our development efforts with our clients’ business aims we adapted the DevOps methodology. Combining our software development competencies (Dev) with our routine in information technology operations (Ops) we achieve just that: spearheading the development cycle while delivering fixes and integrating changes frequently and painlessly.

Our developments serve your business goals.

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Past events

Data Management 13.0

2022. May 12. - 2022. May 12.

Budapest, 18.00

Érdekel a Data Management? Akkor van egy jó programötletünk a számodra! Regisztrálj a május 12. -i Data Management 13.0 MeetUp-unkra. Előadóink sorát Gyöngyi fogja megkezdeni, aki Data Management megoldásokról fog beszélni - majd ezt követően egy panelbeszélgetést hallgathatunk meg Csite László, Kasler Lóránd Péter, Kelemen Márton és Szőke József részvételével. Végezetül pedig László Zoltán, az UpScale kollégája mutatja be a TiDB NewSQL POC-unkat.

Past events

AI, a megoldás!

2021. October 13. - 2021. October 13.

Budapest, 9.00

AI, a megoldás UpScale előadás Banking Technology 2021 / Portfolio konferencia 2021. október 13. Corinthia Hotel Budapest A prezentáció főbb üzenetei: A mesterséges intelligencia (AI) igazi versenyelőnyként tud szolgálni a nagyvállalatok / nagy pénzintézetek számára, amelyeknek rendkívüli mennyiségű adat áll a rendelkezésre. Az AI ugyanakkor több mint egy analitikai eszköz és a bevezetése megfelelő szemléletmódot igényel. A legacy rendszerek modernizációja, az új generációs adatbázisok, holisztikus use-casek és az AI jól definiált szerepe az üzleti folyamatokban egyaránt fontos elemei egy jól átgondolt stratégiának.

Past events

Modern technológiák Enterprise környezetben

2021. June 3. - 2021. June 3.

Budapest, 9.00

Modern technológiák Enterprise környezetben UpScale előadás Financial & Corporate IT 2021 Portfolio hybrid konferencia 2021. június 3. Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest Az előadás az UpScale négy éves tapasztalatára építve, konkrét esettanulmányokon keresztül mutatja be, hogyan tehetők modern (akár open source) technológiai megoldások enterprise kompatibilissé.


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